Nurit Hirschfeld, the creative lead behind Nurit, is a musician, composer, singer songwriter and actress based in Zurich. With her debut „For Selma“, which was released in 2019, Nurit embarked on a search for traces. To do so, she united the women of her families on a creative level and gave them a common name: Selma. What connects the lives of these women? Following in Selma’s footsteps, Nurit discovers closeness in distance and depth in the unknown. Her second EP „About Selma“ conceptually follows the debut album and is Nurit’s personal letter to these strong and wonderful women. Therefore the journey with and the search for Selma continues – in the form of sounds, noises, narratives and musical landscapes. „About Selma“ musically answers those questions that „For Selma“ has carried to the surface.

For her latest EP „Meander“, Nurit has sought creative exchange with other artists. This is how Nurit came to create her latest work with musician and violist Gina Éte and artist Lea Kalish. As a constant in the creative process, Nurit recorded „Meander“ – like „For Selma“ and „About Selma“ – with the musician Adrian Weyermann.